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Why Come to Mercury Bay
... and Where Is It???


Three reasons come immediately to mind:

Mercury Bay remains relatively untouched by the ravages of "civilization." Lying in the furthest reaches of New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula, it is out of the Auckland - Rotorua - Waitomo tour bus route. Fortunately, Mercury Bay is NOT remote as it's only 2 ½ hours from Auckland's International Airport. This fact has not been lost on international tourists who have planned to make Mercury Bay a "last night's" stopover — and stayed for days!

The activities in and around Mercury Bay are endless — as you'll see below.

Best of all, the people of Mercury Bay are naturally friendly and helpful!

Aucklanders discovered Mercury Bay shortly after Captain Cook — or so it seems! They ALL seem to vacation here from Christmas to mid-January!

Let's go have a look at Mercury Bay's favourite activities ...

There's something for everyone in this idyllic setting!

Mercury Bay is located in New Zealand, about 85km (50 miles — as the seagulls fly!) east of Auckland. It is unquestionably the "Jewel" of the Coromandel Peninsula — and New Zealand's Best Kept Secret!

I've generated some maps that show . . .


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A satellite's eye view of Mercury Bay!

New Zealand was formed when it broke away from the ancient supercontinent Gondwanaland some 80 million years ago. It lies on the unstable boundary between the Indo-Australian (tectonic) plate and the Pacific plate. To the northeast, the Pacific plate is "subducting (disappearing under)" the Indo-Australian plate, becoming heated as it moves under the North Island and rises to the surface as magma to form a line of volcanoes which now ranges from from Mt. Ruapehu to White Island

Be assured that there are no active volcanoes in the Mercury Bay area or about the Coromandel Peninsula!

Although this area is of volcanic origin and reminants of their effects over several volcanic periods are evident, it is only a matter of explaining our rugged and beautiful landscape.

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